Online tax and insurance consulting

  • This service allows you to ask a question of principle concerning the correct application of the law and get an answer in a short time
  • For the purpose of sending your inquiry, please fill out the online inquiries form by providing information in the required spots/boxes. Describe the factual background and ask your particular questions. Following the submitting of your request you will receive an offer for the implementation of the service, including price and method of payment.
  • In order we to proceed with the execution of the service, we need your confirmation of consent to the Offer sent by us to you and to the Terms of Reference of the company.
  • The cost of the consulting service depends on the complexity of your question and the time required for preparation of the answer, as the same will be sent down to you in the offer sent to you by us.
  • The term of implementation of online consultation depends on the complexity of the case and s a standard it is set at 3 working days considered from the date of payment for the service, according to the offer. In case you want to get an express response, it will be reflected in the price proposal and calculated in the amount due for payment.