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Tax consulting

This section includes a general presentation of the company

Balkan Tax Consult is a company incorporated pursuant to the Bulgarian law, and it is specialized in tax consulting and services, related to proper application of local and international tax and social/health security legislation

The company’s team of professionals possess extensive expertise and experience in the field of direct and indirect taxes, as well as in insurance legislation. Our experts are well known and established names in the field of tax consulting, and they are ready to answer any of your enquiries accurately, quickly and in professional way.

We apply individual approach to every single customer of ours, and we insist on having mutual trust and thereby we do achieve high quality of services provided.

We also provide tax protection to our clients and in partnership with Balkanski and Partners law firm

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Online tax and insurance consulting

Should you need:

  •  To receive quick and competent response to a question of principle concerning the correct application of the law
  •  To save time and means and
  •  To make an informed right decision.

* This service gives you opportunity to ask a question of principle and get an answer in a short time


Tax Strategies and Tax Planning. International Taxation. Transfer Pricing


  • You are facing a complex tax issue or your business requires Tax strategy development
  • You need to discuss different options for solving your tax issue
  • You need to plan and optimize your taxes in compliance with the relevant tax rules

* This service allows you to get answers to any questions with a high degree of complexity that require discussion and review of documents and meeting with an expert


Tax Protection


  • You need legal procedure protection against acts or administrative actions
  • You wish to have a legal protection on an opinion given by us
  • Want recommendations for preventive action to avoid complications or risks related to the proper application of tax legislation

* This service allows you opportunity to look for assistance or advice about building of reasoned defense in connection with a particular tax problem



Central office:


133, G.S.Rakovski str., fl.1


Phone. (02)9819772

GSM. 0886841486

Fax. 02/988 43 41





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